Nurturing Society

DMA has believed in cultivating good spirit in the society and ensuring DMA’s presence and involvement whenever and wherever required. DMA has organized several campaigns to highlight the values and the need to promote art, cultural activities, sports etc. In a manner where people are involved and contribute to the society with their best at the same time helping them to cherish a good personality and social skills. 

Art and Culture

DMA is devoted to promote and entice people into the dulcet artforms of Kerala and her culture. DMA strives to achieve this by through various activities invoking mass participation time to time. It provides a platform to encourage gaiety yet skilled art forms at the zonal and state level. DMA promotes iconic traditional forms of dance: Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam and so on. Dance classes are conducted in the premises of RK Puram DMA building. Blossoming novice artists are handed an opportunity to sharpen their skills through the annually organized event Kalolsavam(Festival of Arts).

Sports Activities

DMA has enthusiastic and steadfast members who takes care of different sports activities and events in Delhi. Annual Sports Meets pushes athletic youths to showcase their prowess. Victors of each completion are awarded. This cultivates physical fitness, team spirit, dedication and sportsmanship among children.

Health Care

DMA conducts free medical checkups and health care for the deprived which involves hearty involvement from many famous hospitals. It also organizes Blood Donations camps to support people in emergency situations and cultivate an attitude of altruism. DMA conducts Medical awareness classes held by experts whenever possible.

Social Welfare

DMA orchestrates various fund-raising activities to benefit people in crisis and natural disasters. Warm clothes are supplied to underprivileged people of the society. Medicines and blankets are also dispensed to these people .Children are provided with educational assistance along with free books and study material.DMA has always strived to help the calamity hit areas by giving donations to PM Relief Fund.