Vision and Mission of DMAWe are committed to promote our culture.

What is there in the future?

DMA has no qualms in taking pride in its achievements during the past five decades and more. But still we have much more to be accomplished in future.

We are presently three generations of Malayalees cohabiting in Delhi. This phenomenon has brought in its wake the desirability of amalgamating the divergent cultural outlook of each one of them to a manageable level in sync with modern day requirements. Ethnic, cultural and heritage related aspects must not be compromised at any cost. At best, minor adjustments may be attempted at The DMA is now charged with the unenviable twin responsibility of maintaining continuity and engineer desirable changes in its socio-cultural agenda. A centralized rallying point in the form of a cultural complex, will, to some extent to meet this requirement. In addition, that has been the legitimate dream of every Malayalee.

The big dream is morphing into reality. In recognition of the selfless service rendered by DMA to the nation building efforts, the Government of India has allotted a plot measuring 993 sq.meters for its office-cum-cultural centre at R.K.Puram, New Delhi. Construction of the Cultural Centre is over and the inauguration of the Cultural Centre was done on 14th April 2008 by PadmaSree Yusuf Ali and the Official inauguration announced by Shri Shivraj Patel Hon’ble Home Minister of India at SriFort Auditorium.

The cultural complex is built in 4 storeys and has multiple halls / room and enough space for:

  • Office
  • Library
  • Seminar Halls
  • Classes
  • Recreation Centre
  • Dormitory accommodation & Guest Rooms
  • Multipurpose hall